Ardent Clinical Research Services Pvt Ltd is not just providing end to end Clinical Operations but also supporting publication support to many clienteles.

Some of our studies have got published in international journals.

1. A Prospective, Randomized Open-Label Study for Assessment of Antihypertensive Effect of Telmisartan Versus Cilnidipine Using Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (START ABPM Study)

2. A Prospective Multicentre Open-label Study to Assess Effect of Remogliflozin on Glycaemic Variability Compared to Dapagliflozin Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (REMIT - GV study)

3. Analysis of Immunomodulatory Effects of Herbal Formulation by Random Clinical Trial Against Post Covid 19 Vaccination

4. Efficacy and safety of polyherbal formulation as an add-on to standard-of-care in mild-to-moderate COVID-19: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

5. Effect of Nucart VG (Boswellia serrata in combination with veg glucosamine sulphate) in comparison with glucosamine sulphate to improve quality of life of knee osteoarthritis patients: a randomized controlled trial.

6. A prospective multicentre open label study to assess effect of Teneligliptin on glycaemic control through parameters of time in range (TIR) Metric using continuous glucose monitoring (TOP-TIR study)

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